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About the Course

Network programming involves writing programs which can communicate over the network. Network application requires a server and multiple clients to extend a specific service to the clients over the network like chat application, file transfer, remote desktop access, etc. In the short term course, the aim is to train the participant and make them capable of creating innovative client – server applications. The aim of the course is to create the skill set among the participants so that they can implement a network application.  

This is a basic course where the participants will be able to implement network applications. The course will be conducted in virtual mode through Cisco Webex / Google Meet.  

Prerequisites: The prerequisite of the Course is exposure of C/C++ programming and understanding of network protocols. A laptop with Linux installed on it.

Topics to be Covered

The following topics will be covered in this short term course:
  Ø  Review of C/C++ Programming
  Ø  Review of Networking Concepts
  Ø  Client – Server Model
  Ø  Basics of Network Programming
  Ø  Implementation of Stream Socket based Client-Server Applications
  Ø  Implementation of Datagram Socket based Applications.
  Ø  Chat Application
  Ø  File Transfer Application
  Ø  Name Resolution Application
  Ø  Implementation of Security Algorithms in Client – Server Applications   

Teaching Mode:
The short term will be organized from 28th June 2021 to 5th July 2021. The schedule of teaching will be as follows: 
Lectures: 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM 
Hand on Lab Sessions: 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM 
There will be project towards the end of course.

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Indian Institute of Information Technology - Allahabad (IIIT-A) is an institute of National Importance funded by the Government of India. IIIT-A was established in 1999, as a center of excellence in Information Technology and allied areas. The Institute has been conceived with the ambitious objectives of developing professional expertise and skilled manpower in Information Technology (IT) and related areas.The beautiful 100 acre campus, situated at Deoghat, Jhalwa, designed meticulously on the Penrose Geometry pattern, is being further topped by fine landscaping to give an all-round soothing effect to create a stimulating environment.The campus is envisaged to be a fully residential one, with all its faculty, staff and students housed in different pockets. All academic and residential areas are connected to the Institute network.

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